What To Do With Juicer Pulp

What To Do With Juicer Pulp

Food scarcity is one of the most common problems in various parts of the world. If you are getting food then consider yourself lucky. Many people in the world do not afford to get food. Several places get affected by natural calamities. Food scarcities are often seen in these places. On the other hand, people often throw out the waste from the fruits and vegetables after extracting the juice. Now the question arises what to do with juicer pulp?

In order to reduce food waste, you can use fruits and vegetable pulps in various ways. There are many juice pulp recipes that can be made in order to reduce the wastage. Apart from that, this article shows various usage of juicer pulps.

What are the Usage of Juicer Pulp?

Juicer pulps are rich in fibers. These pulps are very effective for human health and fitness. There are 100 percent possibilities to create something that is delicious as well as healthy. Here is the list of possible outcomes from juicer pulps.

Usage of Juicer Pulp

  • You can mix the pulps of various fruits and vegetables to get a smoothie. It will be rich in fiber. It is proved that these pulps of fruits and vegetables are good for building immunity in the body.
  • Mix the fruit and vegetable pulps to soup in order to make it thicker and more nutritious. It keeps you away from diseases. It is also an observed person suffering from chronic diseases also get cure by having fruit pulps.
  • Add desirable ingredients to the fruit pulp and make it frozen. You can turn these fruit pulps into ice-creams. It is observed that fruit pulps are not accepted by kids due to its dull taste. But if you turn them into ice creams then kids can get a delicious flavor of ice-cream as well as nutrients.
  • Veggie pulps also increase the density of pasta sauce. It makes the pasta healthy and tasty with extra nutrients. Apart from this, pulp can be used as the layering of pasta and noodles along with cheese.
  • Fruit pulps can be dehydrated and dried to make fruit leather. It is a thin food product similar to a sheet of leather. It consists of rich fiber and vitamins that are good for immunity and energy. Fruit leather is dull in taste if it is made up of pulps. However, if it is taken with some added fruit juice or spices then the taste becomes delicious.
  • Mix fruit pulps in muffins and other baked products such as cake and bread. Juicer pulp muffins are also popular among people. This raises the nutritious value of the food.
  • Use fruit pulps to make any shake flavored. By adding pulps, you can convert the flavor of a shake.
  • Use vegetable pulps in burgers and sandwiches. It adds nutrition and pulp moisture along with the flavor to the food.
  • The pulp can be used as raw pizza crust and toppings. It makes the pizza attractive in look and adds nutritious value to it.
  • Add pulps to any fruit juice as toppings with oats, nuts, and other spices.
  • Use pulps as pet food. If you directly give it to them, they won’t eat. You need to mix the pulp with the main food.
  • People also use fruit pulps as marmalade. People also prefer to mix fruit pulps with pancakes.
  • If you put the fruit pulps to the soil where you are doing any sort of gardening then it plays a crucial role to make the plant strong and grow faster. Fruit pulps act as minerals for the plants that make the plant healthy and diseases free.
  • Granola is the best choice when it is homemade. You can turn your meals nutritious. Pulps provide an extra boost to your diet. Many people add pulps for every three cups of oats.
  • Dip sauce is popular with various fries. In fact, people also prefer dip sauce with chicken and other non-veg fries. You can easily replace the dipping sauce with added fruit pulp. This increases the potential nutrients of the fries that you are having. It can be used as juice pulp crackers.
  • Pulps can be blend with cheese, yogurt, butter, and other dairy products for boosting the nutritious value.


We waste lots of juicer pulps by throwing it here and there. One of the greatest uses of these juicer pulps is boosting the nutrients of the food that you are having. Juice pulp recipes contain high nutritious values. These types of food enhance the immunity of a person and provide energy. There is a wide range of usage of juice pulps. Not only for use juice pulps are also beneficial for pets and plants. The usage of juice pulps reduces food wastage. We hope that this article has conveyed to you the answer to the question of what to do with juicer pulp?

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