Omega J8006HDS Dual Stage Juicer Review

Omega Juicer Reviews


Review of: ​Omega Juicer 



​Price ​Range


What We Like

  • ​Offers Multiple Functions
  • ​Restores the useful vitamins
  • ​Doesn’t make loud noise
  • ​Comes with a huge warranty
  • ​Offers an easy assembling

What We Don't Like

  • ​It comes with a small container
  • ​It gives a pulp-free juice
  • ​Really expensive

The market is full of juicers and while thinking of buying a new juicer for our own use, we look for durability, prices, warranty, quality etc. If you are looking for all of these, try Omega J8006 Nutrition Centre Juicer and before that know about the Omega juicers review.

Why Buy Omega J800 juicer?

It is a popular juicer and the main purpose of buying a juicer is to be able to take sips of some really nutritious fruits without less wastage of roughage. Omega J800 juicer is just going to serve you with the ideal fruit juice with maximum nutrients that usually gets damaged by juicers of other kinds.

Omega J8006 is masticating juicer that runs at slow speed and due to which it extracts an adequate amount of juice from the fruit, leaving the roughage totally dry. It, in fact, saves the healthy enzymes that get ruined in fast spinning juicers. The low speed produces less foam, restrain oxidation and as a result, the juice can be stored for almost three days or 72 hours without actually getting degraded with respect to the nutrition of juice.

Omega J8006 Juicer Introduction

Well, a juicer may not be a big thing to review, but it is vital at least for the sake of the health of the family and the comfort of your housewife or kitchen staff. Let us make an in-depth study of omega juicer to know its efficiency, features to be able to conclude accurately about the product.

Omega J8006 is a masticating juicer known for its quality juicing and slow speed. Robert Leo is the individual who got an idea of making an omega juicer which was earlier named with Olympic juicer. It has over the years introduced new and various types of Citrus, Centrifuge, Pulp Ejection, and Masticating Low-Speed mixers. A slow spinning juicer which is a kind of masticating juicer was made to serve the dual purpose of quality and quantity. Generally, other types of juicers available in the market didn’t come out to be really fruitful in accomplishing the two needs, i.e. Taste of juice and quantity of juice extracted for customers.

Who is This Product for?

Go for Omega J8006 juicer if your needs are as follows:

  • It is an outstanding commercial level of juicer
  • If you own a juicing lifestyle than look to have the fresh taste of juice even after 24 hours or more as it retains the quality of juice for almost 72 hours.
  • If you are diet conscious and prefer to have nutritious juice.
  • If cost doesn’t matter to you and durability is you look for.
  • Most juicers are not effective in extracting juice from vegetables. But this juicer is highly effective in extracting vegetable and green leaf juice.
  • If you need a multi-functional juicer that can grind and blend for you too.

This model is not for those who love smoothies and thick juice with roughage as Omega J 8006 juicer filters roughage free juice. It is to use but just be prepared to assemble and dismantle a couple of its parts before and after juicing.

What we Like in Omega Nutrition center juicer

Omega Juicer Review

  • Multipurpose – Omega J8006 is not confined to juicing only, rather it can be of great advantage in preparing baby food, peanut butter, grinding coffee beans, homemade pasta, etc. It can be said that it is a versatile juicer.
  • High nutrition – It gives you juice worth the money spent on fruits as it completely squeezes the fruits and extracts all nutrients too. The low spinning blades maintain the quality of juice along with not spoiling its taste.
  • Fairly quiet – Often whenever the juicer is on its job, we do not get to hear even television voice. But this model of Omega juicer does not create noise and is in fact quite calm.
  • Easy to Assemble, Operate, and Clean – It is not hard at all to dismantle or assemble, operate as well as clean. Despite having 4 parts to clean, you would need just a few seconds with a brush to clean. 
  • Huge Warranty – In today’s time, an only 1-year warranty is given on all kinds of appliances. But this juicer carries a 15-year warranty, which is seriously unbelievable.

What We Didn’t Like in Omega Nutrition Center Juicer

  • Small container –  You can conveniently make juice of few fruits in it but when you make it for numerous guests at your home. In that case, you will have to empty containers again and again. 
  • Juice without pulp – Roughage is vital for our digestive and excretory system, but Omega J8006 gives juice without fibers.
  • Expensive – It is an expensive juicer having prices on the higher side of the average cost of juicers. Frankly speaking, it is not affordable for the middle-class section of the society who usually has budget constraints.

Overview of Features

  • It is a dual stage juicer that gives out dry pulp after extraction. Its GE Ultem Auger where pulp gets pressed is made from tough plastic.
  • It has mainly four components the feed chute, second the blade, third the auger and finally the collection bin
  • The Omega J8006 has a low 80 rpm masticating speed giving almost no foam. No foam refers to no air and no oxidation.
  • The Powerful Gear Reduction of this juicer is 2 HP motor that prevents heating up and clogging. Proper cleanup and maintenance of these are required.

How to Use Omega Juicer

To use it for a long period, you need to clean it after use. Do not let water and other liquid get inside the machine to avoid the development of any kind of fault in it. Moreover, it is secured with long 15 years of warranty to get it repaired whenever it develops issues. These juicers are available on all the leading e-commerce sites, just browse for them and order. 

Final Verdict

The Omega juicer review concludes that it has all that a customer looks for while buying a juicer. One or two shortcomings can be easily ignored. Its multifunctional features make it the best choice of folks with distinct needs. It is a machine worth the price which is specially designed to reduce waste and maximize the extract.

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