Learn More About Juicer while Analyzing Vitamix vs Juicer

Vitamix vs Juicer

Juicer, as indicated by its name extracts the juice from almost all types of fruits and vegetables, while keeping apart the pulp. Fiber-containing pulp which is vital for the digestive system and off course for a balanced diet is removed in a juicer giving out just sheer juice.

Vitamix is a specialist in a smoothie and has nutrients in abundance. It is along with making a rich smoothie is a useful device in making soups, sauces, shakes, nut milk, and slush. It is quite similar to the process of blending.

There is a big ambiguity amongst folks about the above two machines regarding which one to buy. Customers buying juicers miss smoothie and those buying Vitamix will miss sheer juice extract. This article is to throw some light on the difference between the two and to aid you to know the best one that will work for you. Let us find out by analyzing the two below by making distinction via Vitamix vs Juicer


Blending vs Juicing

There is a common misconception amongst customers regarding functions that the above two perform. Let us discriminate between the two clearly as people today also think that these are the two names of products of similar nature having the same purpose. Though, they are different and serve a different purpose.

Vitamix exactly works like a blender, mixes pulp together with juice resulting in a thick smoothie.

Juicer – The function of juicer is utterly extracting juice without any sort of roughage.

Winner – It is hard to say exactly who turned out to be a winner in this section of comparison as requirements of folks are different. Vitamix will be of no use to those who wish to have juice and vice – versa. The outcome of blending vs juicing as per us is a tie.


Let us find out what precisely is the nutritive status of the above two juicing items, as nutrition is the need of human being.

Vitamix – If you want to utilize and not to waste any nutrients of fruits and vegetables, then Vitamix serves your purpose as it converts raw fruits and vegetables into a cocktail in just a few minutes. It works amazingly while making a simple green smoothie. If you are planning to extract carrot juice, then it is better to opt for a juicer as Vitamix is little inefficient in carrot extraction and may leave some pieces of carrot.

Juicers, on the other hand, leave no roughage in the juice which is a necessary part of a balanced diet.


Cleaning of juicers and blenders actually seem tedious and often these machines stop working on not being properly cleaned. For proper maintenance, cleaning of juicer and Vitamix is crucial. People most of the time deny things which are hard to clean. Let us find out the cleaning status of the above two.

Vitamix – Vitamix is extremely simple to clean and needs just a few minutes. Its blades can be cleaned with long handle brush and need container to be scrubbed. You may soak it in warm water with soap for a while and get everything cleaned.

Cleaning of juicer is little complicated in comparison to Vitamix as it requires disassembling all its parts where the juice is filtered and roughage is stored. It takes time to clean the container with a pulp, mesh strainer and other parts of juicers.

Winner – In today’s time, everyone lags time and would prefer to buy small blenders than bulky machines having numerous parts. While assessing Vitamix vs Juicer, in this section Vitamix wins over the juicer.


Rates matter a lot while buying products. Also, if the product is useful, people do not mind paying high prices too.

Vitamix – It is comparatively costlier but at the same time have more utility too.

Juicer – Prices of juicers are less and are best for folks with a limited budget.

Winner – The obvious winner is Juicer when we consider the prices of both.

Pros and Cons

Roughage or fiber is a much-needed part of our diet as it is vital for a healthier digestive and excretory system. Vitamix supplies a good amount of roughage of fruits and vegetables by turning the juice into a smoothie. On the other hand, juice produced in the juicer is not rich in fiber at all.

Vitamix extraction capacity is less in comparison to the juicer. It is easy to sip juice made in juicer all day while smoothie cannot be taken at any hour of the day.

Smoothie produced in Vitamix is thicker, which gets hard to drink. On the other side, juice of juicer is thin as a result it is easy to sip.

Final Verdict

On comparative study entailing Vitamix vs Juicer, Vitamix enjoys the triumph over juicer in many of the above points proving its utility higher than a juicer. They are even the best juicers for leafy greens and fruits.

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