Learn How to Use a Citrus Juicer

How to Use a Citrus Juicer

What can be refreshing than a cold glass of fruit juice in the fiery heat of summer? Whether it is a morning jog or a workout session or simply a refreshment drink or a breakfast essential, a glass of juice is a must one. A citrus juicer is the best for this which helps you in making juices to quell your thirst. But there are few facts of juicers you must check before spending your money on a juicer.

Here are a few things to know before buying a juicer for you: How to use a citrus juicer and types of it-

A citrus juicer is one that provides you with the juice which is extracted from citrus fruits only as the name suggests. Most people use the citrus juicer in a wrong manner and they don’t even realize that. Let us discuss the correct way on how to use a citrus press juicer.

Firstly, you need to start by cutting the lemon or orange in half. After that, you need to cut off an extra part of the opposite end, putting the bigger section facing up inside the juicer contraption before pressing it. You should let that sink in for a few seconds. The double slice does not only allows maximum juice production from another end, but the complete flow is freed up so that the juice comes in a better manner and the production is more.

So, this is how to juice a lemon in a juicer which is a very easy and simple method and you get optimal juice which is fresh and healthy for you. Remember that this is slightly different from how to use a hand juicer to extract juice. Also, the method explained above is the same for how to juice a lemon in a juicer.

Types of Juicers

Except for the manual and electric juicers, citrus press juicers can be differentiated by their usage-

Pulp control

A pulp control type citrus juicer, as the name suggests, allows you to have an option for the volume of pulp which goes into the juice. This is really suitable for people who like pulp according to the juice type and mood. Few people like less pulpy juice while some do not like pulp at all and some might opt for complete pulp. So, it gives you all the options.

Spin Function

Citrus Press Juicer

This juicer works similar to like a centrifugal juicer and takes out the most of the pulp provided to the juicer. This spin function citrus juicer is said to be one of the most expensive juicers among the other types. These juicers are good for people who like to drink juice with more pulp. But as per the expert’s advice- drinking too much heavy juice on a regular basis is not good for health. So, you should be cautious while drinking orange juice.

Reverse Reamer Juicer

This type of juicer is used to extract the maximum out of the fruits provided. A reverse reamer also leaves in it the residual pulp, that is also plush in fiber content. These juicers are really helpful when you want to extract a lot of juice every morning for your family members. As this juicer takes the maximum juice out of the products put in it, the juice which comes out is rich and thick and good for the health of your family.

Things to Know

It is very important to have knowledge of a few facts prior to purchasing any product. So, here are few of them to help you when you are doing shopping for a citrus juicer.

You would not want your hands to be sticky and mess up the complete kitchen table when chopping down any citrus fruits. The position of a slicer should always be kept in mind while buying a citrus juicer. Mostly, the lid has the slicer. You need to bring the lid down to cut the fruit into pieces. Few companies make their juicers with extra size of reamers and some make large and small both sized reamer for all types of fruits. Therefore, you should choose your preferences according to the size of the fruit and then choose the size of the reamer. You can also opt for a juicer with more than 2 reamers according to your usage. Do not forget to check the quality of it more the metal in it, the better would be the quality.

Citrus juicers play their role of juicing citrus fruits aptly. Buying and using a citrus fruit juice in the daily diet would provide you with many benefits without a doubt. As without that, you would either drink artificially made packaged juices and they are not quite healthy for regular drinking. A citrus juicer is the one which will serve you with 100% fresh and nutritious juice. Hence, the best, cleaner, smarter and the healthier option is to buy a citrus juicer for drinking juice every day.

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