How Does a Juicer Work: All That You Need to Know

How Does a Juicer Work

So, you have planned to buy a juicer for you! You have made the right step towards initiating a fit and healthy lifestyle. Since your body will be able to get the much-required nutrients, you are on your track towards good health. If you want to have a nice experience of juicing, you should know about what kind of juicers can be purchased online or from the market.

When you truly know about how does a juicer work, you can save large pennies since you would be able to know about the juicer which is a perfect fit for your certain requirements. Knowing about the functioning of juicers is very essential in choosing the right product if you are pretty serious about juicing.

The kind of juicer you have selected is totally dependent upon your lifestyle. There might be some people out there who will advise you to drop using a juicer and pick a blender for satisfying your juicing needs. But you will find that using a blender is quite an arduous process since liquid and the pulp get mixed together, which also turns out to be messy for you.

Let Us Now Understand the Concept Behind How Does a Juicer Work!

Your juicer will essentially take out the juice from vegetables and fruits in a wide variety of methods. This will also incorporate shredding or crushing them. Here is an insight into the most popular juicers in the market, along with how do they work.

Masticating Juicer

Also called as a slow juicer, a masticating juicer is generally utilized to make a glass of cold-pressed juice.

How Does a Masticating Juicer Work?

How Does a Masticating Juicer Work

Masticating juicers are popular for their slow rotating auger, which is very beneficial in crushing the vegetables and fruits. In such a juicer, a mesh screen of powerful stainless steel helps in the entire juicing process. The motor power in a masticating juicer is around 80 to 100 rpm that ensures that the oxidation level is kept to as minimum as possible.

Most of the masticating juicers have a single horizontal auger. If you put up any product in such a juicer, it will push the auger to crush the produce and this will result in the direct flow of juice into a glass placed at the bottom of it.

You will not get any pulp in your glass of juice as it will be released in the hopper, which is on the auger’s other side

Centrifugal Juicer

Centrifugal juicers are another popular type of juicers available in the market. If you are keen to know about how this works or how a cold press juicer works, then here are the details.

If you think about the centrifugal, just think about how a spin process takes place in a washing machine. To start using this, you need to insert a vegetable or fruit in the chute.

At the bottom part of the juicer, you can see a shredder plate. That plate is helpful in shredding the fruit or vegetable. The plate also instantly spins the pulp of the produce into the basket. The fruit or vegetable is moved along from one portion of the juicer to the other. Then the basket takes out the juice with the help of its centrifugal force.

The motion of spinning is similar to a washing machine as it aids in separating the pulp and the juice. You also need to know that such kinds of juicers do not have the potential to hold a large amount of pulp.

There will be a comparatively faster fill up of the basket which can also cause it to clog up. Hence, it is imperative for you to clear out the contents from the basket before you start juicing out the next batch.

Triturating Juicer

It is also known as a twin gear juicer as it utilizes its two gears to take the juice out from the fruit or vegetable. Some amount of manual work is required in the juicer for pushing the juice from the chute. It gives the best results with leafy vegetables as it has a twin gear design that helps in extracting the maximum of the vegetable juice.

How Does a Slow Juicer Work?

Since some manual work is required in this juicer, it works similar to a slow juicer. You must keep in mind that these types of juicers are not much effective with wheat grass as they are little dry.

Final Verdict

Knowing about how a juicer works is imperative if you want to get the best output. It is best to opt for centrifugal juicers if you looking to juice out fruits or vegetables. If you want to produce a wide assortment of food, then a masticating juicer is the ideal choice.

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