Hamilton Beach 67601A Electric Juicer Review

Hamilton Beach Juicer Review

Hamilton Beach Juicer: QUICK OVERVIEW



​Price ​Range


What We Like

  • ​It facilitates fast juicing
  • ​Powerful Motor
  • ​Convenient to clean
  • ​Large pulp container
  • ​Easy to assemble

What We Don't Like

  • ​Produces foam in the juice
  • ​Has a small 20-ounce juice jug
  • ​It is very loud

The Hamilton beach juicer is an affordable centrifugal juicer from a reputed manufacturer that produces a good quality juice. This article covers the Hamilton beach juicer reviews which will notify you it’s features and specifications, pros and cons, utility and many other aspects will also be covered that will give you the whole idea whether this juicer is suitable to you or not. Most of the buyers who don’t have much knowledge about juicers often overlook one of the important features which is the chute size. If they are going to use the juicer on a regular basis, then undoubtedly they need a juicer with a wider chute. And usually, the juicers with such a reasonable price come with the notoriously small chutes that make the juice making a bit tiring and time-consuming process as the ingredients need to be chopped in very small pieces.

It is the best for apple juice lovers as it claims that it can produce 24% more apple juice as compared to its leading competitors. Let’s first give an overview of this product-

Hamilton Beach Juicer Introduction

This juicer will work best on hard fruits and fibrous stuff like apple, cucumber, carrot, beet, and celery. It does great work when you are juicing with carrot as it is a hard vegetable with a lot of mass that cutting blades like to gnaw on. You don’t even need to make pieces of carrot as you do it in masticating juicer, just insert the carrots in the chute, no matter how long they are.

The fruits like mangoes, oranges, pineapples, and melons are recommended to be peeled off to minimize the impact on juice flavor. Some fruits with pits and large seeds need to be pitted before juicing such as peaches, apricots, cherries, plums, and nectarines otherwise it will make the juice bitter. It gives a higher yield as the machine operates at a very high speed as compared to masticating machines. Pulp ejection is not very dry but still, when the price is analyzed it performs well. Apparently, it will work on leafy green vegetables but will not be highly functional just because it is not a masticating extractor that squeezes out the juice.

The machine is very noisy and has the same noise level as a blender. It is not kind of usable when you have to use it early in the morning as your other family members would not be able to sleep once you start the juicing through this. The warranty of centrifugal juicer is for three years and it is not disclosed by the company that is it using BPA free components or not.

Who is This Product For?

It is for the customers, who are fond of pulpy juice and for whom composition of foam does not matter. As like the other centrifugal juicers, foaming and oxidization are produced in the juice. Once the juice is prepared, you cannot keep it for long. For the best taste, you have to drink it soon after it is prepared.

What’s Included in The Hamilton Beach Juicer?

Hamilton Beach Juicer Reviews

It weighs around 9.8 pounds with a width of 7.8 inches, a height of 14.4 inches and depth of 11.46 inches. It only comes in 2 models, one with 110 volts and the other in 120 volts. It also comes along with a cleaning brush for the strainer which makes the cleaning part quite easy. Not many centrifugal juicers include a brush like this in the juicer.

Overview of Features

  • A motor of 850 watt which equals 1.1 hp
  • Wide 3” feed chute – less pre-cutting needed
  • It has Extra-large catcher for the pulp so that you won’t need to empty pulp container out too often.
  • Parts are safe to be dish washed (Just the removable parts or the upper rack)
  • Consists of 20 oz juice taker
  • Utilizes a straining basket and a cutting disk of pure steel
  • Its 14.41 inches tall
  • It’s not BPA free
  • Comes with the cutting blades along with a cleaning brush to extricate pulp from the strainer

How to Get The Most Out of Hamilton Beach Juicer

These juicers have a big mouth and are compelling. It has a very fast speed, although it produces some foam and makes the juice oxidized, it’s true value for money as it is very economical and it cannot be considered bad after seeing its price. It’s wider chute saves a lot of time which you would have probably spent on chopping the ingredients. The time is cut by more than half with the help of wide chute. It’s 800-watt powerful motor produces 1.1 horsepower of juicing and shredding. This is why this juicer has got so many tremendous reviews from wine and food magazine, in newspapers and even on websites like Amazon.

You can get the best out of it by cleaning it properly. It is very easy to clean up as it just takes 5 minutes if you will hand wash this to rinse off excess pulp but cleaning immediately after using is preferable as once it is dried up then it will take much more time to scrub off the excess pulp and especially of the strainer.

Final Verdict 

Generally, the buyers of this juicer are the first time users who have just started juicing recently and that too who were looking to buy an inexpensive juicer with good quality. This is one of the best juicers if we will consider the prize and the quality of the product, it is indeed better than many of the products in this segment and range. It is totally worth the money and most of the Hamilton beach juicer reviews are impeccable and satisfactory. And this makes us to definitely recommend this product for a perfect juicing.

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