Best Juicer Under $100 of 2021 Complete Reviews

Best Juicer Under $100 Reviews

Juicing at home is one of the best decisions anyone can ever make to keep himself healthy and hydrated all day long. If you have also decided to join the same league, then it’s the perfect thing. There is a myriad of juicers available in the market and their price range starts right from few bucks to massive hundreds of bucks. But juicing fruits and vegetables doesn’t have to be that exorbitant. Fortunately, there are multiple choices to make when it comes to budget juicers. Here are the best juicers under $100 you can buy without breaking the bank.

Top 5 Juicer Under $100 Comparison Chart

Aicok Citrus Juicer
It features two separate dual cones for small and large citrus fruits which are capable of offering the fresh juice while leaving behind the thick pulp. The sturdy handle offers a firm grip for maximum extraction. It features a drip-free system which is quite great as it relieves you from all that mess on the table. You can easily clean the strainer and cone in the dishwasher. It comes with a lifetime warranty which pretty much says all for the product.

Black+Decker 400-Watt
It features a powerful 400-watt motor that can extract the fresh juice within seconds. Its compact vertical design makes it the best juicer for small kitchens. It features a sturdy cutter that efficiently cuts the fruits and veggies and offers fast delivery of the fresh juice. The parts of the juicer can be removed easily for easy cleaning.

Hamilton Beach 67601A
It can be assembled with ease and is integrated with a large bin to store the pulp. Other than this, it can efficiently extract the fresh juice from various fruits and veggies within seconds. It also comes with a limited three-year warranty. The parts can be removed with ease in order to do efficient cleaning. It features a powerful motor that can easily deliver the smooth pulp-free juice and extracts the most out of the fruits as well.

Mueller Juicer Ultra 1100W
It delivers the maximum amount of fresh juice within a few seconds which is quite great. The powerful motor switches the speed according to the hardness level of the fruits and vegetables which is one of the best features of the juicer. The mesh filter extracts the maximum juice along with the useful vitamins and minerals so that you get most of the benefits. Apart from this, the juicer avoids dripping while ensuring the maximum safety of the user and also comes with a limited two-year warranty.

Jack LaLanne’s PJEB
It features a highly advanced extraction technology and also avoids dripping in order to offer mess-free experience. It is integrated with a large feeder that can easily accommodate large fruits in one time. The powerful motor runs at 3600 RPM without making noise.

Juicer Under $100 Reviews

Following is the detailed breakdown of distinct juicers that are available under $100.

1. Aicok Citrus Juicer Electric 160W

Aicok has designed this product with the utmost precision to make juicing easier than ever. The juicer is equipped with a 160 W motor which is powerful enough to churn out the juice from citrus fruits.

Product Highlights

Aicok is loaded with a ton of useful functionalities that hold the capabilities to make juicing a convenient experience. It comes attached with an auto-reversing functionality that helps in getting the most out of the ingredient processed in it.

The ergonomically designed arm lever is also worth appreciation. When you will press the arm down, it will automatically start reaming to extract the juice, and on the same time lifting the arm back will stop the reamer and you will get a jar full of healthy juice.

The cupped design makes it easier to hold the fruit at the exact place without any complexities and also it assists in extracting more juice.

This best juicer for the money has a nice juice spout which is manufactured with BPA free material and is 100% drip free. So the juicing process becomes hygienic and extremely clean. Another considerable aspect that is worth to buy this juicer is the lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer. It means that Aicok also believes in the true quality of its product.

What we Like About Aicok Citrus Juicer Electric 160W

The best part about the juicer is the auto-reversing arm and the robust motor. Pressing the arm and squeezing out the juice is an easier task. The drip free spout takes the process to another level of cleanliness and there are no possible spots on the kitchen shelf.

What we Don’t Like About Aicok Citrus Juicer Electric 160W

The cup shape makes this product specific for citrus fruit extraction. We cannot process the green leaves and other vegetables which do not exactly fit in the cupped shape. Another thing we didn’t liked is that there is no function provided for pulp control.

Best Juicer for The Money

  • ​BPA free and safe to wash in a dishwasher
  • ​In-built filter for keeping things under control
  • ​Handle is soft gripped for a better experience
  • ​Automatically reversing juice cone
  • ​Not suitable for wheat grass juice extraction
  • ​Pulp handling is difficult

2. BLACK+DECKER 400-Watt

BLACK+DECKER has a quirky shape and comes in black color which looks elegant and clean. The product comes with an in-built pusher that pushes the ingredients towards the blades, guaranteeing optimal juice extraction.

Product Highlights

The product has a 400-watt motor which can flawlessly process the fruits and veggies pushed in. The quality of juice extracted by BLACK+DECKER is acceptable but some of you will find the feed chute smaller than expected.

BLACK+DECKER has a stainless steel built blade and strainer which cuts the ingredients swiftly and are easy to clean. Every part of this juicing machine is removable, so cleaning the entire machine will not be a daunting task.

The design of the juicer is extremely noticeable and consumes less space when stored on the countertop. It has a round spout which doesn’t have drip-free abilities, so you have to take extra care while carrying out the juicing process.

What Do We like About BLACK+DECKER 400 watt?

BLACK+DECKER has easily removable parts so the operator can clean it thoroughly after using and can assemble it quickly without any difficulties. The parts are dishwasher safe for quick cleaning.

What We Don’t Like About BLACK+DECKER 400 watt?

The pulp oozing out is wet which indicates that the juicer is not doing its job properly. Forgetting ajar full of juice, you have to process a huge quantity of ingredients and that can be quite expensive.

  • ​Safe to wash in a dishwasher
  • ​Easy assembling and de-assembling
  • ​Pre-fabricated pusher for guiding ingredients towards the blades
  • ​Pulp-free juice
  • ​Do not churn out every drop of juice from the pulp
  • ​No drip-free spout

3. Hamilton Beach 67601

This best small juicer from the house of Hamilton sells a considerable amount of juicers ever year in this price range. It is an affordable option and yet comes with an 800-watt motor which can process almost everything.

Product Highlights

Hamilton Beach 67601 has a broad feed chute that allows putting in whole fruits and veggies to take away the hassle of cutting them into pieces. This product promises more juice yield than its contraries. There is nothing much to talk about the product as it is based on a basic mechanism and the design is also user-friendly.

This easy to use juicing machine has dishwasher safe parts, so you can clean it conveniently right after de-assembling it. At the front, there is an on/off switch but there are no multiple modes to control the spinning rate of the motor.

Using Beach 67601 is just a child’s play; attach it with the strainer provided, lock all the latches and it’s done.

What Do We like About Hamilton Beach 67601?

The feed chute is impressive and can process fruits and vegetables with high diameter. There is no need for cutting anything. Put in the ingredient and the juice is ready. It’s as simple as it sounds.

What We Don’t Like About Hamilton Beach 67601?

This product is not very efficient for processing mushy ingredients that have a soft texture. Also, there is no option to control the motor, and taking out the pulp from the strainer consumes time.

Best Small Juicer

  • ​Dishwasher safe parts.
  • ​Easy to assemble and use
  • ​Power motor with a capacity of 800 watt
  • ​No additional tools required to operate
  • ​No multi-modes for motor operating
  • ​Latch locks do not have a sturdy built

4. Mueller Juicer Ultra 1100W

Mueller juicer is a power-packed juicing machine that has an 1100 Watt motor which you will find in the expensive products. It comes with two-speed functionality, so the process will be going to be much easier and enjoyable.

Product Highlights

When talking about Mueller 1100 W, there are a plethora of things to talk about. The manufacturer has provided a number of useful features while keeping the price range as low as possible. This juicer has a 3-inch broad feed chute which can swallow a whole fruit without any trouble.

The spout is anti-drip and that’s something we all need. Also, there is a rotating switch to control the speed ratio of the motor. By switching to mode 1, the operator will be able to get 12000 RPM which is great for extracting juice from softly structured ingredients.

On the other hand, mode 2 generates 15000-18000 RPM which is suitable for hard ingredients. The overall construction is done with BPA free material and there is no clogging while juicing.

What Do We Like About Mueller 1100 W?

Multi-modes of the motor is a great thing in this budget range. There is no dripping during the whole process and the juicer is easy to re-assemble.

What We Don’t Like About Mueller 1100 W?

This product consumes space and is not easily storable.

Best Juicer Under $100 Reviews

  • 100% BPA- free construction
  • ​Dual Speed Option
  • ​Humongous feed chute
  • ​Lesser foam during juicing
  • ​This product has huge dimensions
  • ​The design doesn’t look that elegant

5. Jack LaLanne’s PJEB

Jack LaLanne’s PJEB is amused with a mixture of reviews. Some customers find it really beneficial, on the other hand, some were not satisfied with the performance is rendered.

Product Highlights

Starting with the assembling phase, it can be quite a task if you are a beginner to juicing. And if the assembling is not carried out properly, then you will not be able to use it. The product comes in two color options that are white and black.

Feed chute is bigger enough to accommodate any type of ingredient easily without much external force. The manufacturer claims that the motor works with a whisper-free sound emergence and that’s true, but up to a certain extent. The motor attached delivers 3600 RPM which is abundant for processing soft as well as hard fruits.

Not all the elements fitted in this juicer are safe to wash in a dishwasher. But the manufacturer provides a cleaning brush that works fine with mesh and other parts.

What Do We like About Jack LaLanne’s PJEB?

We liked the feed chute and found it appropriate for a whole fruit without cutting. Not much force is required to push in the ingredient.

What We Don’t Like About Jack LaLanne’s PJEB?

The product is hard to use. Assembling it is a tough task and you have to go through the manual multiple times in order to assemble it perfectly.

  • ​Easy clean up with the help of brush provided
  • ​Multiple color variants
  • ​Drip free spout
  • ​Broad feed chute
  • ​Less powerful motor
  • ​No motor controls​

Final Verdict

If you are on a budget and do not want to shell out huge bucks for a juicer, then you should consider having the best juicer under $100. The aforementioned products are not only budget-friendly but also are useful for juicing all types of ingredients on the go.

The best among these products is Mueller 1100 watt. It has all the necessary elements one can need while juicing. Right from the feed chute to multiple modes, there are many recognizable factors that make it a winner with a huge margin.

But Mueller 1100 W has a bit expensive price. For the ones who are not looking to spend this much, then they can consider having Hamilton Beach 67601. It is easy to use, convenient to clean, and the best budget juicer.

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