I am Willie Maloney and I own a shop where I sell the best juicers of various kinds. In the scorching heat of summers, everyone likes to enjoy the fresh juices as they refresh our mind and body as well. But, for that, we can’t afford to step out of the house every day just to have a glass of juice. Getting a fresh glass of juice in our homes is what we all prefer. Many customers visit my shop to buy a juicer but I have noticed that most of them don’t have the proper knowledge of selecting an ideal juicer. That’s why to help all the people out there; I have created my personal blog so that you have the proper knowledge of different juicers before you do the purchase whether it is online or from any local store. In my blogs, I have featured some of the best juicers that can make the fresh juices of green vegetables, carrots, citrus fruits etc. while restoring the essential nutrients of the veggies and fruits. I have also compiled some guide articles as well that will help you in understanding the working of various juicers so that you can get the most out of them.